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Remote Deposit Capture

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Did you know you can use Remote Deposit Capture with the Ohio Catholic Mobile Banking App? Deposit up to 10 checks per day from the comfort of your home. Simply endorse the checks with your signature and “OCFCU – For Mobile Deposit Only” and log into the Ohio Catholic Mobile Banking App to make the deposit using your phone’s camera. For more information on Remote Deposit Capture with the Ohio Catholic Mobile Banking App, please call us at (888) 696-4462 or visit the mobile banking page and scroll to the bottom for frequently asked questions.

*Members must be 18 years or older to use Remote Deposit Capture.

Important Remote Deposit Capture Information

Ohio Catholic FCU required all checks deposited through the Ohio Catholic FCU mobile app to have the following endorsement on the back of the check:

  • Member signature
  • OCFCU – “For mobile deposit only”
  • Account number (optional)

Checks that are deposited through the mobile app that are not properly endorsed with the above information will be rejected and the funds will not be deposited into your account. If a check is rejected due to improper endorsement, an Ohio Catholic FCU representative will call you to discuss proper endorsement and how to redeposit the check.

Ohio Catholic Mobile Banking App

If you have a smartphone or a cellular phone with Internet access, you can use Ohio Catholic’s mobile app to stay connected with your credit union accounts around the clock. Download Ohio Catholic’s mobile app for free on all Apple and Android devices; just search for Ohio Catholic Mobile Banking.

Your username/ID and password for the mobile app is the same as your online banking log in information; however, if you haven’t logged into online banking since January 30, 2018, you must go into online banking on a PC and walk through the prompts to change your username/ID and password before logging onto your mobile app. If you have any trouble, please call (888) 696-4462 for more help.

Download iPhone/iPad iOS

Download Android and Google Play

Frequently Asked Remote Deposit Capture Questions

How do I deposit checks through the mobile app?

  1. Endorse the checks with your signature and “OCFCU – For Mobile Deposit Only”
  2. Log in to your Ohio Catholic mobile app on your smartphone
  3. Choose Make a Deposit
  4. Choose which Ohio Catholic account you are making the deposit into
  5. Enter the dollar amount of the check you are depositing
  6. Photograph the front and back of the check
  7. Click submit
  8. A confirmation message will appear on your screen upon deposit acceptance

Is there a limit to my deposits through the mobile app?


  • Number of checks allowed to deposit through the mobile app per day – 10
  • Total dollar amount of any one single mobile check deposit allowed – $5,000.00
  • Total dollar amount of mobile check deposits per day (if multiple checks are deposited) – $10,000.00
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