Ask Cassandra – What are the fee changes on mortgages on May 1, 2023?

May 2, 2023

Q: Hi CassandraI’ve been watching the news and I am hearing about changes to fees on mortgages in regard to my credit score. What are those changes and what are my options?

A: Anyone in the market to purchase a home has seen the headlines regarding higher mortgage fees for well-qualified borrowers – Mortgage fee structure change will arrive May 1: Here’s what to know ( – there are many different loan options and in many cases these changes may not affect borrowers.

When articles are referencing changes in LLPAs (loan-level pricing adjustments) they are referring to fees that are either paid up-front or built into a mortgage rate. The new structure would increase the fees by $375 for a well-qualified borrower with a 740-759 score and 20% down. The $375 is the fee on a loan amount of $100,000, this would increase to $750 on a loan for $200,000.

However, we have other options for well-qualified borrowers that do not require us to use only the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines. Contact me and I would be happy to go over any questions that you have in regards to mortgages.

Cassandra Roman Mortgage Loan Officer

Cassandra Roman

Mortgage Loan Officer, AVP
Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union

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