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Parish ACH Collections

Our Catholic community in Northeast Ohio consists of good and generous people. Their donations fund significant activities from parishes to schools to the human services entities of Catholic Charities. The continuing generosity of the Catholic community and the sharing of time, talent and treasure make possible the good works of our Church in the Diocese of Cleveland.

Providing good stewardship over the resources entrusted to each parish is essential. Ohio Catholic’s Automated Giving ACH Program can assist parishes in collection and management of offertory resources. The offertory collection potential increases with additional and more convenient methods for parishioners to make donations.

The Automated Giving ACH Program provides a means for parishes to electronically and automatically collect Sunday offerings. Ohio Catholic’s Automated Giving ACH Program relieves the parish of the costly, time consuming administrative jobs associated with collecting parishioners’ offerings.

Benefits of the Automated Giving ACH Program

  • Streamlines administrative work
  • Increase the consistency of donations and commitment from parishioners
  • Cash flow is more predictable thus allowing for more effective budget management and financial stability
  • Additional and easier donation option for your parishioners
  • Assists parish in being good stewards of the financial resources entrusted to them
  • Enjoy Preferred Partner year-round support from Ohio Catholic
  • Program has the flexibility in processing to meet your individual parish needs

How the Automated Giving ACH Program Works

  • The church opens an account with Ohio Catholic and sets up an ACH program
  • One day before processing date, for each parishioner participating in the ACH program, the church will send the ACH Department a dollar amount for ACH processing.
    • The information sent will include:
      • Name
      • Financial Institution Information
      • Amount of Offering
    • Ohio Catholic will process the ACH collections and deposit directly into the church’s account

Smart Money Tip: Automated Giving ACH Programs have increased parish offertory collections on an average of 17-32%.

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