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School Tuition Payment Program

The Ohio Catholic Tuition Payment Program allows schools the time and the dependable funds to plan for the future, rather than worrying about monthly cash flow. Let Ohio Catholic help you manage the business side of your school so you can readily meet your payroll, pay bills, purchase supplies, and cover other related expenses. By receiving a lump-sum deposit at the beginning of your school year, you can establish an effective budget that helps ensure stability. Ohio Catholic’s Tuition Payment Program relieves you of the costly, time consuming administrative jobs associated with tuition collections so that teachers and staff can get back to doing what they do best – educating children.

  • Tuition dollars received prior to the beginning of the school year
  • Personal Collection Officer for no cost, consistent, up-to-date monitoring, and reporting documents
  • Predictable and reliable cash flow allows for effective budget management
  • Eliminates administrative work and collection efforts
  • Keeps tuition costs down by reducing administrative costs
  • Eliminates potential negative and awkward parent versus school relationships
  • Web-based loan signing available
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