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Overdraft Protection Authorization

Credit Card Overdraft Protection protects against unexpected overdrafts and returned checks by linking my Ohio Catholic FCU MasterCard Credit Card to my Ohio Catholic FCU checking account. Ohio Catholic will automatically transfer funds from my credit card account if my checking account does not have available funds to cover checking account transactions.

I must have sufficient credit available on my Ohio Catholic FCU MasterCard credit card to be covered by overdraft protection. Transfers will be made in increments of $25.00. There will be a $5.00 fee per occurrence. Each transfer will be considered a cash advance and interest will accrue from the date the advance is made.

My Credit Card Agreement explains the terms and conditions of the cash advance. Credit Card Overdraft Protection Terms and Conditions: Overdraft transfers from a member’s savings account are to be used in times when there may not be enough funds in a checking account to cover expenses already paid. According to Regulation D, electronic transfers are limited to six (6) per month. This includes transferring money in Online Banking and Overdraft Transfer Protection. There will be a fee of $5.00 each time Overdraft Transfer Protection is used. If, at any time, transfers exceed six (6) per month the ability to cover overdrafts from your savings account will be removed. Abuse of Overdraft Transfer Protection will result in this service being removed from your account and it will not be reinstated.

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