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Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are a safe, reliable way to transfer funds from an account at one financial institution to an account at a different institution. Funds that are wired are available immediately.

Incoming Wire Transfers

If you wire money to Ohio Catholic Federal Credit Union, you must provide these instructions to the institution that is wiring the money:

  • Bank Name: Corporate One Federal Credit Union
  • Routing Number: 2440-8426-4
  • Further Credit: Ohio Catholic FCU
  • A/C #: 2410-7887-5
  • Final Credit: Member’s (Your) name, address, and account number

We must have the complete name and address for the person sending and receiving the wire. Incoming wires from Corporate One are free.*

*If the Federal Reserve is used to do any wire transfer instead of Corporate One, there will be a $60.00 charge.

Outgoing Wire Transfers

Ohio Catholic members can wire money to any domestic financial institution. You must visit a branch to initiate a wire transfer. There is a fee to wire funds.** There is a daily cutoff of 2:00 p.m. for sending wires. Always use caution when wiring funds; once funds are wired out, there is no way to retrieve them. In order to wire funds you need to have the following information:

  • Name of Receiver
  • Address of Receiver
  • Account Number of Receiver
  • Name of their Financial Institution
  • Routing Number of their Financial Institution
  • Any special instructions

**All outgoing wires have a fee of $15.00.

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